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Our Membership

We have different types of memberships to fit your needs and frequency of you playing bridge at our club. The current annual subscription fees are listed below. If you join the Hutt Club and you register with a different club as your home club, the NZ Bridge levy will be payable at your home club and will not be charged by Hutt Club.

  • Full Membership: $155.25 (including $23 NZBridge levy)
  • Affiliated Membership (allowed to play up to 8 times a year):
    $66.70 (including $23 NZBridge levy)
  • Youth (under 25 years old) Membership: $26.45 (no NZBridge levy payable)

Membership form attached below. Please fill it in and send to Club Manager or drop it off in the office.

In case of further questions, please contact the Club Manager.

Application for membership form 2018 V3.doc37 KB