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Pianola and X-Clubs


But what is it exactly?

From Vil Gravis:

How many of our readers know about the wonderful service that "X-Clubs" provides on the Internet? I don't know of too many, so I am going to reproduce a brief explanation written by my good friend Mike Neels, one of the administrators of "X-Clubs". I suggest that everyone who has access to a computer and the Internet register with “X-Clubs” and “Pianola”, because that will give them some very helpful information about their performance, as well as access to a number of the books I have written in the past. As long as your club is part of the "X-Clubs" network you can just go to the site and check your results. As Mike will tell you in the following paragraphs, players of X-Clubs can also register to receive "Pianola" session report emails. I strongly recommend that when you visit the X-Clubs web site, you also register for “Pianola”.

Here is Mike's synopsis about "X-Clubs" and "Pianola":

Perhaps you have heard a little about X-Clubs. In a nutshell ... it's as if you could play a NZ-Wide Pairs in each of your regular sessions. We currently have about one third of NZ’s bridge clubs playing the same boards at the same time. The results are collected up, re-scored and cross-added over a huge field - often within a few minutes of the last result to come in. The cross-adds appear on the X-Clubs website very shortly after all sessions are in. It is easier for your members to access this page if you put a link on your current website.

X-Clubs is quite transparent because, if any of your members are not interested, they need only look the other way. If they just ignore it there is no impact at all on what usually happens. It’s just another report that gets published somewhere else. If you'd like to learn more there is lots of detail on the Home page particularly under the About tab.

Players of X-Club deals can now register to receive Pianola session report e-mails – for FREE! – see the button on the X-Clubs Home page. This is the ultimate in results reporting. Your playing history builds up on-line and you can look back at every game you play, filtering by partner if you like. Your performance is analysed to the nth degree and you can opt into Pianola-Plus, the only part of the service for which you have to pay. Players of X-Club deals may soon be offered a discount rate for Pianola Plus. Read up on Pianola at

I do hope you will go to X-Clubs, the Hutt Club is in the system, the access online is easy via this link.